Paint Primer: A Beginners Guide To Discerning The Differences In Craft And Hobby Paints

If you are getting started in painted crafts, you are about to embark on an exciting journey. However, shopping for paint for your projects may feel a little intimidating when you encounter all the different types of paints. Learning about the various types of craft and hobby paints will help you decide which paint is best for your project. Enamel paint Durable and resistant to chipping, enamel paints are a good choice for painting hard surfaces, such as wood, ceramics, metal, and glass.

3 Pirate-Themed Games You Can Play With Big Foam Blocks

The use of children's soft play big blocks can really spark the imagination and lead to daily educational adventures for young children. If your child loves pirates, then you can incorporate pirate themes in fun interactive games. While children focus on the pirate theme, they will learn educational elements and build their motor skills at the same time. Learn about three pirate games ideal for big foam blocks and add a lot of physical activity to daily play.

How 3D Photo Collages Turn Physical Photos Into Beautiful Memories

Physical photos may not be as common as they once were due to digital photo storage, but many people still prefer this option. And those who do may want to consider the benefits of a high-quality 3D photo collage. These unique display options take a person's photos and make them even more memorable and hard to forget. Photos Help to Preserve Memories Creating memories in the digital age is often focused on posting pictures to social media sites and leaving them there for others to view.

Setting Up An Alluring Autumnal Display Outside Your Home

Create a festive fall display outside your home with some clever configurations and decorating ideas that are tasteful, not tacky. Try to reflect your favorite elements of the fall season, from the brightly-colored foliage to scary Halloween tricks, before the season ebbs to winter. Some tasteful and alluring autumnal display ideas include: Fall Furnishings Make fall the time to bring out your wooden and rustic furniture to set up on the porch, patio, or in your garden.

Ship's Ahoy: Bring a Nautical Touch to Crafting With Maritime-Inspired Ideas

Bring a nautical touch to crafts, gifts, and your home this spring. Try some fun and festive ideas that will give your home a touch of the maritime and that friends will enjoy receiving as gifts, too. Check out online crafting and hobby merchants to find the perfect supplies, embellishments, and nautical flags to complete your projects. Some fun, maritime-inspired ideas include: Easy wall-hangings. Buy cotton maritime flags and use stretched canvas to create an easy wall-hanging.