3 Pirate-Themed Games You Can Play With Big Foam Blocks

The use of children's soft play big blocks can really spark the imagination and lead to daily educational adventures for young children. If your child loves pirates, then you can incorporate pirate themes in fun interactive games. While children focus on the pirate theme, they will learn educational elements and build their motor skills at the same time.

Learn about three pirate games ideal for big foam blocks and add a lot of physical activity to daily play.

1. Boat Building

The large size of soft big blocks allows a child to build all kinds of creations, including a pirate's ship. Challenge a child to built the best pirate ship as they stack up blocks all around them and create a ship shape. Once the ship is fully built, you can roleplay different pirate adventures.

For example, you can add soft foam balls inside the pirate ship and have a child launch them off the ship like cannonballs. You can also have a child create a small crawl space area for a pirate hide and plan out their missions. You could even play some pirate music while the child plays to enhance the theme and add in extra fun elements.

2. Buried Treasure

Treasure is a big theme in pirate roleplay and you can use foam blocks to create buried treasure. Put a small treasure in a treasure box or sealed baggie. Hide the treasure among a huge pile of foam blocks. The child's goal is to dig through the foam blocks and find the treasure among the pile.

The more foam blocks you have, the harder the challenge becomes. You also have the option to set up multiple piles to increase the challenge.  A child can dig through each pile to find the treasure underneath the foam blocks.

3. Walk the Plank

Foam blocks provide a great way for children to improve their physical strength and balance. You can incorporate a pirate theme with a walk the plank game. Set up a line of the foam blocks and have a child try to walk across the plank without falling. You can add foam blocks on each side of the plank to provide a soft landing pad.

As a child improves their skills, you can increase the challenge. Instead of a straight path, create a plank path that turns multiple directions and increases the difficulty. A child can also come up with their own challenges.

The more you play with the foam blocks, the more challenges you can come up with. To buy big blocks, contact companies like Bright Day Big Blocks.