From Rocks To Stuffed Animals: 3 Life Lessons Your Child Learns From Building A Collection

Childhood collections can quickly become an obsession that temporarily takes over your household. While it may be tempting to throw up your hands as the rocks begin pile up on the windowsill or the stuffed toys begin to cover the bed, it is important to encourage your child to pursue their passion because collections have a positive impact upon their development. As you listen to your child talk about their latest acquisition, remind yourself about these important skills they are learning and find ways to support their newfound interest.

Teach Personal Responsibility

Kids may not like helping out with household chores, but you will see a new personality trait emerge once your kid has a prized collection. Keeping their favorite things organized, clean and in top condition suddenly becomes a huge priority. Help them take responsibility for their collection by providing them with organizing tools. For example, nets and homemade zoo cages are ideal for containing stuffed toys, and baseball cards can be placed into special binders. Providing the right materials will keep your kid busy for hours taking care of their special collection.

Build Social Connections

Friendships are formed during childhood based upon personal circumstances and interests. Having a collection gives your child something to talk about, and they can use their interest to foster new relationships at school and in your community. Whether they are discussing their latest handmade toy or negotiating a trade for a specific stamp, your child will have an instant connection with anyone else who shares their interests. To take this one step further, spend time with your child practicing their negotiating skills before they make a play for that coveted piece to add to their collection.

Practice Budgeting Skills

When it comes to a collection, kids will spend their last dime when they discover something they treasure. Help them learn how to make that birthday money last by turning it into a fun financial lesson. Talk to them about the value of their growing collection, and help them find children's toys for sale that fit their budget. Alternatively, they can find ways to earn money for an item that they just can't wait to have. This way, they can expand their collection and learn financial skills they will use for a lifetime.

A child's collection is far more than just a set of inanimate objects. Your child is in love with their chosen obsession for a reason. Learning to stay organized, be financially responsible and connect with others are just a few life skills that are learned through building a collection, and you can help them do all that by showing your interest and support.