Houseware Products: 3 Types Of Products That Will Keep Your Children's Lunch Fresh

As a parent, packing your children a healthy lunch each and every day can be time-consuming and can require a lot of planning. Not only do you need to ensure that your children are eating healthy foods, but you also need to find a way to keep the foods that you pack stay fresh all day. Here are 3 products that can help.

Plastic Lunch Boxes with Several Layers

Giving your children lot of options to choose from is crucial, but if you have too many options, keeping all ingredients can become difficult. Plastic lunch boxes that offer several layers tend to be the most practical for this purpose. You can pack different types of foods within each layer without having to worry that the foods will contaminate with one another. This helps each food product to stay fresh for a longer period of time. For example, if you packed carrots in one layer, you should pack the pasta in another. You don't want the pasta sauce to seep into the carrots. Look for plastic lunch boxes that are lined with rubber at the edges for an air-tight seal. An air-tight seal will also help trap the scents of each food products within the plastic box so the lunch doesn't smell up your child's backpack or locker.

Fruit Containers

Your children should be eating anywhere from 1 to 2 cups of fruits every day depending on their age and gender, so don't forget to include some grapes, bananas, apples or oranges in their packed lunches. Unfortunately, fruits bruise easily or get damaged easily within backpacks. Protect the fruits and keep them fresh by storing them in individual fruit containers. Your children will never complain about squished bananas or bruised apples again.

Insulated Mugs

If you've packed a warm lunch or some type of warm soup or liquid for your children, making sure that it stays warm until lunch is crucial, especially if your children's schools don't have microwaves readily available. In these situations, insulated mugs are a must. They keep stored contents warm or hot for the majority of the day, so that the soup you've packed will taste like it was just served. Check the insulated mugs to see how long they can keep their contents warm. You should also conduct a drip test to see whether the insulated mugs offer an air-tight seal before you purchase them.


There are plenty of houseware products you can purchase online to keep your children's lunches fresh throughout the day. It'll make your children look forward to lunchtime even more. In addition, you can find plenty of products that come in unique designs and styles.